class reliability.PoF.creep_rupture_curves

Plots the creep rupture curves for a given set of creep data. Also fits the lines of best fit to each temperature. The time to failure for a given temperature can be found by specifying stress_trace and temp_trace.

Inputs: temp_array: an array or list of temperatures stress_array: an array or list of stresses TTF_array: an array or list of times to failure at the given temperatures and stresses stress_trace: *only 1 value is accepted temp_trace: *only 1 value is accepted

Outputs: The plot is the only output. Use to show it.

Example Usage: TEMP = [900,900,900,900,1000,1000,1000,1000,1000,1000,1000,1000,1100,1100,1100,1100,1100,1200,1200,1200,1200,1350,1350,1350] STRESS = [90,82,78,70,80,75,68,60,56,49,43,38,60.5,50,40,29,22,40,30,25,20,20,15,10] TTF = [37,975,3581,9878,7,17,213,1493,2491,5108,7390,10447,18,167,615,2220,6637,19,102,125,331,3.7,8.9,31.8] creep_rupture_curves(temp_array=TEMP, stress_array=STRESS, TTF_array=TTF, stress_trace=70, temp_trace=1100)