If you would like to see something added or an existing feature changed to make it better, please send me an email (alpha.reliability@gmail.com) and from there we can put together a plan on how to proceed. I greatly appreciate all help, even if it is just pointing out an error in the code or documentation. There are a large number of features currently identified for inclusion into this library so if you would like to contribute something but don’t know what to help with, please email me and we can discuss the functions that are currently planned for development.

If you are proposing something new, it is helpful to include as much detail as possible, such as:

  • a detailed explaination of what the new feature is and why you think it would be useful

  • example Python code

  • any references such as academic papers or textbooks which describe the necessary steps

  • screenshots from other programs (such as Minitab, JMP Pro, Reliasoft) which show the feature in use

Remember to upgrade reliability to the newest version and double check that the requested feature is not in there, as the codebase is constantly being improved.