Acceleration factor

The Arrhenius model for Acceleration factor due to higher temperature is \(AF = exp\left[\frac{E_a}{K_B}\left(\frac{1}{T_{use}}-\frac{1}{T_{acc}}\right)\right]\) This function accepts T_use as a mandatory input and you may specify any two of the three other variables, and the third variable will be found.

API Reference

For inputs and outputs see the API reference.

In the example below, the acceleration factor is found for an accelerated test at 100°C for a component that is normally run at 60°C and has an activation energy of 1.2 eV.

from reliability.PoF import acceleration_factor

Results from acceleration_factor:
Acceleration Factor: 88.29574588463338
Use Temperature: 60 °C
Accelerated Temperature: 100 °C
Activation Energy: 1.2 eV