class reliability.PoF.acceleration_factor(AF=None, T_use=None, T_acc=None, Ea=None, print_results=True)

The Arrhenius model for Acceleration factor due to higher temperature is: AF = exp(Ea/K(1/T_use-1/T_acc)) This function accepts T_use as a mandatory input and the user may specify any two of the three other variables, and the third variable will be found.

Inputs: T_use - Temp of usage in Celsius T_acc - Temp of acceleration in Celsius (optional input) Ea - Activation energy in eV (optional input) AF - Acceleration factor (optional input) Two of the three optional inputs must be specified and the third one will be found. print_results - True/False. Default is True

Outputs: Outputs will be printed to console if print_results is True AF - Acceleration Factor T_acc - Accelerated temperature T_use - Use temperature Ea - Activation energy (in eV)