class reliability.Repairable_systems.reliability_growth(times=None, xmax=None, target_MTBF=None, show_plot=True, print_results=True, **kwargs)

Uses the Duane method to find the instantaneous MTBF and produce a reliability growth plot.

Inputs: times - array or list of failure times xmax - xlim to plot up to. Default is 1.5*max(times) target_MTBF - specify the target MTBF to obtain the total time on test required to reach it. show_plot - True/False. Defaults to true. Other keyword arguments are passed to the plot for style print_results - True/False. Defaults to True.

Outputs: If print_results is True it will print a summary of the results Lambda - the lambda parameter from the Duane model Beta - the beta parameter from the Duane model time_to_target - Time to target is only returned if target_MTBF is specified. If show_plot is True, it will plot the reliability growth. Use to show the plot.