class reliability.Reliability_testing.reliability_test_duration

Calculates the required duration for a reliability test to achieve the specified producers and consumers risks. This is done based on the specified MTBF required and MTBF design.

Inputs: MTBF_required - the required MTBF that the equipment must demonstrate during the test MTBF_design - the design target for the MTBF that the producer aims to achieve consumer_risk - the risk the consumer is accepting. This is the probability that a bad product will be accepted as a good product by the consumer. producer_risk - the risk the producer is accepting. This is the probability that a good product will be rejected as a bad product by the consumer. one_sided - default is True. The risk is analogous to the confidence interval, and the confidence interval can be one sided or two sided. time_terminated - default is True. whether the test is time terminated or failure terminated. Typically it will be time terminated if the required test duration is sought. show_plot - True/False. Default is True. This will create a plot of the risk vs test duration. Use to show it. print_results - True/False. Default is True. This will print the results to the console.

Returns: test_duration