class reliability.Probability_plotting.Exponential_probability_plot

Exponential probability plot

Generates a probability plot on Exponential scaled probability paper so that the distribution appears linear. Inputs: failures - the array or list of failure times right_censored - the array or list of right censored failure times fit_gamma - True/False. Default is False. Specify this as True in order to fit the Exponential_2P distribution and scale the x-axis to time - gamma. show_fitted_distribution - True/False. If True, the fitted distribution will be plotted on the probability plot. Defaults to True show_scatter_points - True/False. If True, the plot will include the scatter points from the failure times. Defaults to True. a - the heuristic constant for plotting positions of the form (k-a)/(n+1-2a). Default is a=0.3 which is the median rank method (same as the default in Minitab).

CI - the confidence interval for the bounds. Default is 0.95 for 95% CI. kwargs are accepted for the fitted line (eg. linestyle, label, color)

Outputs: The plot is the only output. Use to show it.