class reliability.Convert_data.xlsx_to_FNRN(path, **kwargs)

xlsx_to_FNRN data format converter

Inputs: path - the filepath for the xlsx file. Note that you must prefix this with r to specify it as raw text.

Output: failures num_failures right_censored num_right_censored

Methods: print() - this will print a dataframe of the data in FNRN format to the console write_to_xlsx() - this will export the data in FNRN format to an xlsx file at the specified path.

For example usage, please see the online documentation at:

Note that the function is expecting the xlsx file to have columns in FNRN format. If they are in another format (FR, XCN) then you will need to use the appropriate function for that format. A reduced form (FN) is accepted and all values will be assumed to be failures.

write_to_xlsx(path, **kwargs)