class reliability.PoF.acceleration_factor(AF=None, T_use=None, T_acc=None, Ea=None, print_results=True)

This function uses the Arrhenius model for Acceleration factor to determine the relationship between temperature and reaction rate.

Please see the online documentation for more details and formulas.

This function accepts T_use as a mandatory input and the user may specify any two of the three other variables, and the third variable will be found.

  • T_use (float, int) – Temperature of usage (Celsius)

  • T_acc (float, int, optional) – Temperature of acceleration (Celsius)

  • Ea (float, int, optional) – Activation energy (eV)

  • AF (float, int, optional) – Acceleration factor

  • print_results (bool, optional) – Default is True. If True the results will be printed to the console.


  • AF (float) – Acceleration Factor

  • T_acc (float) – Accelerated temperature

  • T_use (float) – Use temperature

  • Ea (float) – Activation energy (eV)


Two of the three optional inputs must be specified and the third one will be found.