About the author

The Python reliability library was written by Matthew Reid. Matthew holds a Masters of Reliability Engineering from the University of Maryland, a Masters of Project Management from the University of New South Wales, and a Bachelor of Aeronautical Engineering from the University of New South Wales. Matthew lives in Canberra, Australia and currently works as an Aeronautical Engineer. If you would like to contact Matthew, you can send a message via LinkedIn.

The Python reliability library was written because there were no dedicated reliability engineering libraries for Python, and Matthew found himself needing to use scipy.stats, lifelines, Minitab, MATLAB, JMP Pro, and his own Python scripts, for a variety of common reliability engineering tasks that were not available in one place. This library is intended to make reliability engineering more accessible to the world, particularly to those individuals and small businesses who find the high cost of proprietary software to be a barrier to entry into conducting reliability engineering analysis.

This is Matthew’s first Python library on the Python Package Index and is currently in active development. In accordance with the LGPLv3 license, every effort has been made to ensure the software is free of errors, however, no guarantees or warranties are provided in any form. Feedback on the Python reliability library is most welcome. If you find an error, have a suggestion, would like to request something to be included, or would like to contribute something, please send it through by email (alpha.reliability@gmail.com).