How to donate to the project

The Python reliability library is free and open source, and it always will be. It aims to provide students and professionals alike with a set of powerful tools to make reliability engineering more efficient. Many of these tools are otherwise only found in commercial software which is prohibitively expensive, especially for individuals. I began developing this library while I was a student because I found there was nothing like it available for free.

Developing and maintaining this library is all done in my spare time and is a very time consuming process. If you would like to donate as a way of showing your appreciation, you can send a one off donation using Paypal or a monthly donation by becoming a GitHub Sponsor.

If you’re wondering why you should pay for something that is already free, GitHub has a great explaination on the importance of investing in the software that powers your world.

Thank you to the following reliability donors for their generous support of open source development :)

  • elriaral (GitHub user)

  • Gabriel Felipe

  • Juergen Leib

  • Felix Nakovic

  • Pedro Sa

  • Augusto Mura