class reliability.Other_functions.similar_distributions(distribution, include_location_shifted=True, show_plot=True, print_results=True, number_of_distributions_to_show=3)

This is a tool to find similar distributions when given an input distribution. It is useful to see how similar one distribution is to another. For example, you may look at a Weibull distribution and think it looks like a Normal distribution. Using this tool you can determine the parameters of the Normal distribution that most closely matches your Weibull distribution.

  • distribution (object) – A distribution object created using the reliability.Distributions module.

  • include_location_shifted (bool, optional) – When set to True it will include Weibull_3P, Lognormal_3P, Gamma_3P, Exponential_2P, and Loglogistic_3P. Default = True

  • show_plot (bool, optional) – If True it will show the PDF and CDF of the input distributions and the most similar distributions. Default = True.

  • print_results (bool, optional) – If True the results will be printed to the console. Default = True.

  • number_of_distributions_to_show (int, optional) – The number of similar distributions to show. Default = 3. If the number specified exceeds the number available (typically 10), then the number specified will automatically be reduced. Must be > 1.


  • results (array) – An array of distributions objects ranked in order of best fit.

  • most_similar_distribution (object) – A distribution object. This is the first item from results.


The following example shows the distributions most similar to the input Weibull Distribution.

from reliability.Distributions import Weibull_Distribution
from reliability.Other_functions import similar_distributions
dist = Weibull_Distribution(alpha=50,beta=3.3)