class reliability.Other_functions.crosshairs(xlabel=None, ylabel=None, decimals=2, dateformat=None, **kwargs)

Adds interactive crosshairs to matplotlib plots

  • xlabel (str, optional) – The xlabel for annotations. Default is ‘x’.

  • ylabel (str, optional) – The ylabel for annotations. Default is ‘y’.

  • decimals (int, optional) – The number of decimals for rounding. Default is 2.

  • dateformat (str, optional) – The datetime format. If specified the x crosshair and label will be formatted as a date using the format provided. Default is None which results in no date format being used on x.

  • kwargs (optional) – plotting kwargs to change the style of the crosshairs (eg. color, linestyle, etc.).




Ensure this is used after you plot everything as anything plotted after crosshairs() is called will not be recognised by the snap-to feature. For a list of acceptable dateformat strings see